Guidelines for travel Agent

  • Search for the Right Travel Agent

    In the changing world of online medium the role of travel agents has become complex as people have easy access to all types of information related to travels on the internet. They are able to do search, compare the travel features of different companies, and then compare right type of travel right from their home just on the click of a mouse. In the past decade the travel agents in India have fallen by 30%. So in order to survive nowadays, there are certain guidelines for travel agents that need to be followed otherwise such diminishing trend will be on the rise day by day

    A travel agent still can offer those types of information and services that are not available on the internet. There are some common things like booking of a simple flight, that some people can not manage themselves, suggest smaller and alternative airports with used by the discount carriers. Thus they can help you in saving some money. Other guidelines that need to be kept in mind by travel agents are providing the most updated right kind of knowledge and right information about places and regions covered by them. People seek the services of travel agents after considering the facts that they know they have traveled in many different places and are well versed with the locations, hotels airlines and information related to those places and they can provide more in depth information than a website or brochure also.


The role of travel agents is not that easy nowadays as they have to be well versed with the right type of information and the places. Travel agent can save the people time money and energy by providing the exact and the in depth information even than a website or brochure provides.